Month: February 2015

What are Breastfeeding benefits for baby / infant health?

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Breastfeeding benefits American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, (AAP) American Academy of Pediatrics and different local authorities (concerned) strongly recommends breast feeding. According to them breastfeeding is a care and cure for both maternal and baby health. In our following article we will high light the benefits of breastfeeding respectively for both child and mother ….  Read More

Agriculture Challenges in Pakistan

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Agriculture Challenges Pakistan once been an agricultural country, now seems at declining stage of it. Agriculture, the backbone of Pakistan weakened gradually while the lost appeal for fresh waters against India in international court accelerated the decline. The agriculture sector with least law enforcement, no sub studies for small formers, no formation of new dams& ….  Read More

Free CMS (Content Management System) for Website

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CMS Tools CMS (Content Management System) is a application to make it easy for people who are non technical for creation of website. It help the non technical and technical people to add, edit and manage the website. It not only do the management on your website but also track each part of your website ….  Read More

Hijama (Cupping) The Islamic way of treatment

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What is Hijama (Cupping) Hijama an Arabic word driven from HAJM means “sucking” while Cupping (Hijama) is the process of applying cups on pressure points (human body) by creating vaccum.   Hijama, an ancient way of treatment carries a history of more than 5000 years now.It was practiced and recommended by our beloved prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). ….  Read More

Best Free Tools to Clean your Windows PC

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Free Tools If you use your computer too much for internet surfing, you feel the performance issue, like slow running your pc because of too much junk files. These junk files are internet temporay files, spyware, tracing cookies and even the malware which slow down your pc. Don’t worry I will show your some best ….  Read More

Organic Food Benefits & its Production

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Organic Food The word organic means cent percent natural product where no addictives or no artificial amendments are made at any stage of producing the said. It means no alterations are done with seeds, no artificial fertilizers are added to the soil and no sprays are availed for prevention of corps. USA organic standards allows ….  Read More

Best Applications for Rooted Android SmartPhone

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Applications for Rooted Android If you have SmartPhone and you have rooted it for best performance and looking for some best application for your rooted android phone. Here I am going to show you some best application for your rooted SmartPhone to increase your phone performance Greenify Greenify is the best application for rooted android ….  Read More

Do invest the best skill in yourself via Professional Certifications

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Professional Certifications “Learning never ends but goes deeper and deeper’’ Learning is a never ending process and the dynamic world of possibilities is making it more versatile. Every passing hour calls for new developments. The professionals are required to stay in touch and to avail new certificaitons otherwise they will be outdated. Most of professional ….  Read More