CV Writing Professional Tips

“Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a written self image that reflects exact you on document”

The age of dynamics has changed or in process of changing everything, CV is a must to apply for any job. You cannot just jump on every opportunity with your physical existence but need to document the best of yourself in your CV for the employer. CV writing is an art and needs some research for best results. The following are best professional tips to Write CV.

  1. Types of CV and CV body
  2. Professional CV writing Tips for best results
    1. Professional template
    2. Be precise and keep your CV updated
    3. Amend it to the employer requirement
    4. Include nothing but true
    5. Include skills that differentiate you

Types and body

The following are two major types. Both are composed of same body structure but the only variance is the length of description found in it.

  1. One Page CV is mostly used for walking interview where an immediate snap of your professionalism, qualification and expertise is required. This all information is coupled with your contact information and personal details.
  2. Resume is more detailed and descriptive in nature. it covers detailed responsibilities of each of your job and may extend to your hobbies and interests.

Body of a CV

The most important factor in CV writing is its body and information contained in it. This part of CV covers your personal information, contacts, objectives, achievements, past and current positions, education, any professional training/certifications and includes references in ending. You must have to specify all your achievements with institute names with starting and ending dates.

Professional CV writing Tips for best results

Every Job seeker writes and maintains his/her but not everybody is called for interview. Sometimes your expertise or professional track tenure does not match the requirements of recruiter but most of the time it is the loop holes that keeps you away from success.

The following are 5 professional CV writing tips that will help you stand out of the crowd.

Always choose Professional template for your CV

The theme or template is the container that contains all your data that represents you to employer. Choose professional looking template that best suits your occupation. Different free templates are available online and even within your Microsoft word that represents different occupations.

Be precise and keep your cv updated

While writing your CV, try your level best to be precise and to the point only. The employer on selection phase ,don’t have that much time to spend on a single CV. Update your CV time to time, this will give you an edge when your social circle calls immediately for your CV.

Amend your CV to the employer requirement

You just cannot keep apply for every posted job with a predefined format. Every job has its specific requirements and employers search those only via short search CTRL +F with keywords. You need to amend your CV and highlight all requirement (can be found in advertisement) in your CV multiple times. If major search words are found in your CV, employer put you on short list for interview call. The fields you need to update are expertise and acquired skills.

Include nothing but true only

Amendment does not necessarily means to include bogus stuff. Remember, the CV needs to reflect you on document. What will happen when with bogus stuff you are called for interview? Nothing but just wastage of your time and employer. The negative marking on your CV may harm your future deserving employment with that organization. You can use the requirements as guideline for acquiring new skills in your field.

Include skills that differentiate you

Include all your related acquired skills that you feel can make a difference in your field. This can surplus the initial requirement of the advertised job.

We will include job hunting tips in our next article that will keep you aggressive in job seeking.

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