5 Successful Job Hunting Techniques that will keep you ahead of others

Job hunting in these economic crises is very difficult for even seasonal professionals in their respective fields. The lesser number of opportunities has lift job seeker with no choice but to jump and grab every job available. Against a single job, one has to compete at least 500 qualified candidates. We have brought you very essential 5 successful job hunting techniques that will keep you ahead of others.

  1. Keep hunting jobs most of the time
  2. Know your potential employer
  3. Trace office location at least one day earlier
  4. Sneak about the job and pay level
  5. Never use deadlock in interview

Keep hunting jobs most of the time

The very 1st job hunting technique that is ignored by 70% of the job oriented persons is to keep hunting jobs every time. Most of candidates start job hunting in their unemployment where they want to grab anything on any conditions but to earn living. The best job hunting time is during your current employment. It gives you an edge to join a position of your choice on your terms and conditions. Drop your resume for every relevant position. The smart employer cannot trap you for the lowest but will compromise on your conditions. Remember guys, loyalty is always bilateral where both employee and organization tries to keep their respective goals on mutual same direction.

Hint: The best time to seek switching is after appraisals.


  1. At this stage you are not worried for your living but development only so you can accept the lower/equaling position and can best negotiate salary package.
  2. Job switching offers you an opportunity of rapid growth in your field.
  3. Even if not accepting any new offer, you still know your current market worth.


  1. You need a high adaptability rate to adopt new environment.
  2. Be careful in scheduling your interviews or will result in losing your current position.
  3. Too much job switching in your resume will avoid your interviewer to offer you a position.

Know your potential employer

The most important job hunting technique is to know your potential employer. This gives you an edge in interview where you can play with their psychology. You must have to surf internet or search physical market about organization establishment, hierarchy, field in which they are operating while knowing their profit loss statement is a plus.


  1. This will enable you to answer related questions. Additionally it gives you an edge of cross questioning.
  2. The act will keep you aware of the market creditability of the potential employer.
  3. You just cannot switch your current job for a tempera job or for a company of weak financial structure.

Trace interview location at least a day earlier

Finding an organization location in commercial/ industrial at interview time can be a bit tricky. To be in time, tracing it a day earlier will help you making a good impression on your potential employer. The technique is especially essential to apply where you are called for interview in some other city.

Sneak about the job and pay level

Mostly you are asked about your expectation in interview and if you know the acceptance level, you are short listed. If Expecting package is high enough to burst their allocated budget, the employer will simply ignore the smartest candidate. Try to sneak the maximum offer before interview.


  1. This will give you a bird eye view when asking for your expected salary package.
  2. Might you find a strong reference for the said job and upcoming opportunities?
  3. You will closely monitor the working environment of the organization that enables you for a quick offer acceptance or rejection.

Never use deadlock in interview

“I cannot work on salary package below XX” these words deadlocks any further negotiations with your potential employer in interview and if not in budget, he will simply pick the other candidate. Rather use” I am expecting xx but is negotiable”. This will give interview a second chance to reconsider you.

Read about job hunting resources in our next upcoming article.

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