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“My most valuable assets comes in at 9:00 Am and leaves at 5:00 pm” Bill Gates answered a question in recession when he was asked about his company assets.

Human resource role is redefined and more polished by new era. Previously called “Personal Deptt” was just taking care of employer’s benefits and was just a controller for employees but now “HR” is meant to balance equilibrium between both.

“There is always room available for advancement”

Now, HRM has grown its subdivision of HRD to take care of employee educational level and to arrange different programs of training to improve their employees.

The following are some additional roles of HR to produce loyalty and employees engagement with their organization.

  1. Independent learning opportunities via e-learning ,self study and action learning projects
  2. HRD new edge training
  3. Employee fitness
  4. Official Staff committee
  5. Employee family engagement
  6. Team engagement (Sports)
  7. Extra mile
  8. Holiday trips
  9. Inter departmental transfers and internal recruitment
  10. Day Centers
  11. Scholarships for employee children
  12. Announcements blog

Independent learning opportunities via e-Learning, self study and action learning projects

Human resource development means to invest in its employees while in response employees are expected to adopt organizational dominant culture, working more efficiently on their assigned job and even if one leaves, he/she can make their previous organization proud on his/her achievements.

Online certification hub offered by many universities these days e.g. HOWARD University. This contains more than 125 comprehensive courses that literally offer the “Essence/Soul” of subject in a very delight way to its reader. Organizations can request their specific/ complementary courses to be included or develops it by their IT team.

The employees log in to a centralized learning system with their respective ID and selects any of his/her interest while if complementary an email from HR is produced to all desired employees with a target date. The interesting fact is everyone will find it most comprehensive, easy to understand and very knowledgeable.

Any course is designed with multiple screens that allows the user to go through it with reading material and same in audio, with buttons (play, Pause, Previous, Next), restricts “Forward” with time frame for each screen according to the given material. A user can go back for reference at any time but can’t just forward it to the end.

The interesting thing is its flexibility. You can read it according to your free time and can get started from the point you lift it.

This is followed by a comprehensive questionnaire (multiple choice) that not only checks the knowledge you gained but your concepts and issues a certificate of attendance with name, date and accuracy rate.


  1. HRD gains its aims with reduced cost of arrangements of event, trainers and without disturbing employee routine duty.
  2. The same can be converted into learning and development center with much reduced cost for external users to earn some additional revenues. In such case the organization must hire some professional trainers on permanent basis and make a center of learning.

 HRD new edge Training

Education at self finance is out of reach for entry level and mid level employees, what can an education lover do in such situation? Furthermore, just for sack of economical needs, a very dominating percentage of employees are pulled to do job that does not match their interest and education.

Most of organizations trains and develop its employees for their specific positions and assigned JOD but mostly not offers education/ training other than his job specification. Here, the organization can offer to support the education lovers to get education of their dreams while they will sign a bond in return with their organization. This way education level will be increased in employees while organization will get employees with more updated and extensive knowledge. If any employee wants to get some education that never fits in, he should pay in installment (invested + profit rate) to the organization.

Organization can also sneak in different universities for fresh blood and can offer company funded education (terms and conditions applied).


  1. Educated HR with increased efficiency & diversity————Org. Benefit
  2. Employee loyalty to his organization—————————- Org. Benefit
  3. Organization image building plus potential employment—— Org. Benefit
  4. Cheaper when compared to open market———————-Org. economical benefit
  5. Well Educated person can earn his dreams———————Emp. Benefit

Employee fitness & health

“Employees are depreciating assets of any organization”

Organizations pay much more on health insurance and medical treatment of its employees, even after this all organizations are worried about their employee health these days.

Many organizations have made their fitness centers composed of trade mills, swimming pools and acrobatic stuff in their head offices. Along with this they had kept billiard/snooker tables, table tennis and other indoor games for their employees in their free time to reduce their mental stress.

Along with this they are on panel with different fitness centers where there employees are offered discounted and corporate rates (the same may be extended to cinemas, departmental stores and restaurants).

Organization should set its health standards, if regulations allows. Here organization can fix maximum and minimum weights with fines and notices for its employees to follow. This will increase healthy workers with reduced heart attacks resulting in low medical budget, low replacement and death rate. If other organization follows, the said company will be standing innovator in the society.


  1. Healthy and stress free employees with reduced sickness leaves.
  2. Reduced health budget
  3. Reduced replacement

Official Staff committee

A staff committee of some handsome amount can be very interesting for all employees as well as for the organization.

HR with correspondence of finance and accounts department will shoot an email to all its employees with committee goals and amount (should remain same for all). If handsome amount of employees are willing to participate, a separate fixed account (one month) will be produced in name of company. All interested will be triggered with an email showing all participant names. Company will reduce the said amount from their salary and will be transferred to the said account.

After 30 days or plus organization will email all participants and will arrange a short event (head office/regional office) with lucky draw. The event photographs will be triggered to all organization employees through email. This will persuade all remaining ones and will also inform the distant participants.

Many divergent can be made according to employee benefits or according to organization.


  1. Lucky employee will get a handsome amount at once before his retirement
  2. The company will have more retained earnings eg. Company will be using/circulating this amount for the whole period without any additional cost (if equaling amount is kept on standing) otherwise company will be having the net interest earned on it.
  3. Innovation, financial assistance for both company/employee will get more engagement/loyalty of its employees.


  1. What if participant leaves organization before committee ends? (resign, Fired ,deceased)

Employee Family engagement

“In Japan most of the workers spends their entire lives without stepping out of their factories/companies”

The following events can be arranged once or twice a year to engage employee families even more.

  1. Art
  2. Food mila

The employee’s kids (agreed restricted age) will show their art talent in an organized event. They will paint what so ever is the topic or if to their best choice. The selected 12 painters will be offered with some gifts (if budget allows) , photographed and the email will be triggered within organization. The selected 12 painting will be printed on table calendar with painter and his parent names. The same table should be displayed within organization and to customer (if policy allows).

In Food mila, employee/ its family will produce his/ her best recipe. This can be done on the spot cooking. Even the participants can be grouped to meet the food consumption of all participants. Many prices can be given eg . Best recipe, best salad, best representation and best deserts etc…..

Both the said can be combined while the best recipes may be circulated with name in organization. The event may be arranged in head office/regional office and to be limited to home town employees only


  1. Loyalty, fun , gathering, employee family engagement.
  2. Own recipe and very own painted calendar……

Team engagement (Sports)

Inter departmental sports results in close bonding, more interactions, new friendships and healthy competitions. This can be arranged once or twice a year.


  1. Close bonding/ inter departmental interactions
  2. Health, reduced stress.

Extra miles

HR should initiate a trend where employees own responsibility and work more. Extra miles can be offered with recognition to the employee of the month from all head office/ regional office teams as per their line managers.

Extra miles can be reduced to even a movie ticket or a dinner coupon. We can offer facility to even encasement of the coupon with approvals.

The event can be reduced to even 30 minutes gathering where employee of the team who has driven an extra mile for organization will be called, presented certificate, a coupon and will be photo graphed for the clip board.

If company believes in innovations, the same can be treated in this section with amazing results. Off course, you (organization) must have to polish the represented idea.


  1. Healthy competition
  2. Best results produced
  3. Employee recognition and engagement with its organization.

Holiday trips

Here the company may enter in to some corporate tourism package or can just inform their employees of any updated tours packages via email.

Inter departmental transfers and internal recruitment

Recruitment is a very costly process for any organization. The cost can be reduced via inter departmental transfers and recruitment. The requirement should be at least one year on current position in organization.

Here organization will shoot an email to all its employees with the vacant positions. The employee who fulfills all prerequisites will seek permission of his/ her line manager and will reply the email. Rest of process remains same for interviewing, screening and selection.


  1. Company will find an organizational trained suitable employee on reduced cost.
  2. Low replacement rate where any seeker may find opportunity inside instead of leaving organization.
  3. Job satisfaction for employees
  4. loyalty


Low diversity

Day Care Centers

If number of working ladies affords, the company may own quality day care centers (limited to premises of head office/regional office) and offer its services to working ladies employees on discounted rates.

Hr with finance department will decide what so ever is best for the company. For reduced cost, a pace can be reserved in very same premises with professional baby sitters and a doctor. This will reduce traveling and tension of working mom where she can drop and pick her baby from very same premises.

Otherwise company can seek some corporate packages with quality day care centers for its employees.


  1. if owned by company, company can increase its revenues.
  2. Stress free workers

Cash rewards and Scholarships for employee children

Company can offer cash rewards and scholarships on merit bases for its employees. The same event can be covered in news paper for building an image of the company.
keep this limited to lower income level employees only, if with restricted budget.


  1. Employee loyalty
  2. Reduced financial burden on employees
  3. Image building of company

Announcements blog

HR can initiate an announcement blog where every outlook can access it. Here all employees should make announcement with their names and contact numbers for rental places, sale and purchase of their pets, jewelry, households, plots and auto mobile.

Music events can also be announced etc…..

Mostly this blog is associated with outlook and can be found under junk folder (if do exists). All announcements appear date wise with name and contact.


  1. Announcement under same umbrella are more trust worthy compared to anemones ones in news papers and websites.
  2. It makes an image of “Company cares” in employee mind


Some employees may find it a way to their additional income and may start working as agents.

HR should accepts these challenges only, if it can justify locked roles ( J.O.D ). Any additional roles/  changes in existing with logical reasoning always will be welcomed.

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