Above were the exact words USA used Pakistan for its help. Pakistan as usual called “labaik” on it without even sensing the consequences. As per known Pakistani nature, the decision makers even forgot known USA behavior “use and through like used tissue paper” . Together they tried to destroy their very own pet. As result we were again the battle grounds for others, bearing all destructions, killings, bomb blasting, economic crises, peace issues……..

All nations entered in 21th century with joy, happiness and hope but we Pakistani entered in worries with deaths of our own ones day by day, hour by hour……

After 9/11, all rest of the world was with United States of America and were allies in battle against terror with all their available resources. World media condemned the worst attack and is doing it even now after several years of the incident. Pakistan was the only that allowed its home grounds for operation base camp. We as allies played our best part……

Now, as results the terrorists are killing our innocent school going kids, flaming our females alive, putting their bullets straight in our heads & hearts. They are not even sparing our young ones. Everyone knows they are far away from humanity & Islam converted in living beasts. They are no more humans and are seeking their hunt on streets in day light and nights for their joys. They are happy triggers that love to shred blood for their joy.

Terrorist played their bloody games in every corner of Pakistan, they played succor with our heads, killed our elders, bombed our homes, schools and colleges. They played MOHA/Counter strike (game) in our universities (Baluchistan) and now are killing our young ones. They are cutting our throats with their knives, murdering us with their guns and blasting us with their explosive Jackets. Whenever they are caught, we see the latest communication equipments, tracking devices, latest weaponry and a hell of funding chains. They attack any place in Pakistan and in hours we feel their presence in Afghanistan. A very strange fat that amazed every Pakistani Citizen and keeps us in worry is, why every weapon found with them is foreign made? why our borders are weak enough for them to fly away? Bearing all the worst consequences why are we called terrorists? Why is the Known Universal Soldier (USA) quite? Why is it not declaring war on the funding nations? Why is the rest of world ignoring us? Is our blood cheap enough not to take any initiative?

If we are the lone survive without any support from other countries, Pakistan should immediately make one line exterior policy ” NO more PET games, No more dictations, Pakistan may own any battle but for its sole benefits”. Pakistan is not in position to play its role for humanity anymore and will not let any one by any cost to use its grounds, not for good not for bad. Our benefits, our humanity ends at our borders and we will expand the battle to the doorstep of the planners, financiers, weapon suppliers and trainers who are playing role of warlords in this bloody game. We should immediately seal our borders with Afghanistan, wind up our embassies from INDIA, IRAN and Saudi Arabia and USA till they allow us to find and hunt down our criminals on their home lands. Even after that we will need their permanent guarantee that none of their citizens/grounds will be used in any activity against Pakistan.

Along with this Pakistan should make its grounds a hell for terrorists, for their supporters and should hunt them down to the earth. Pakistan should give a call worldwide for social/economic boycott of any nation/ country found guilty. Pakistan with help of USA along with other universal soldier should enforce the guilty country to hand over all involved criminals, should shut down the factories that supplies weapon for the terrorist activities.


It is the time Pakistan should return the very same words to USA……..

If not, who else in the world will dare to jump in your war?

If not, stop claiming to be self supposed international Police.

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