PML-N Imposed 10% Tax on Remittances to Pakistan


Tax on Remittances

PML-N imposed 10% tax on remittances to Pakistan. This is the last option expected from any rational government but we are talking about PML-N. The incompetent PML-N machinery when implementing something, should at least seek some guidance from relevant experts. According to a state bank official “Pakistan internal economical structure has collapsed and we are surviving on foreign remittances to Pakistan”. “The act will discourage foreign settled Pakistani citizen to send their remittances through legal means” he added further.According to financial analysts, this will only encourage illegal means of remittances and thus will enhance money laundering. Additionally, Mr. Prime minister and crew need to expend their vision of living and working abroad. Our todays article “PML N imposed 10% tax on remittances to Pakistan” will guide the reader in relevant aspects.

Living abroad is nothing less than quagmire

Foreign settled Pakistani citizens have traded their entire life for happiness of their families. The trading cost for foreign exchange is much greater they are paying. Trust me, every foreign settled (job seeker) misses his (er) home lands, family and friends but unfortunately we are unable to accommodate them. Our embassies do not entertain them in their troubled lives and living like C grade citizens. PML-N instead of instructing embassies to provide some air to foreign settled Pakistani citizens; imposed additional taxes on their retrieved incomes. Before taking such a big share of their incomes; PML-N needs to expend their vision of living in foreign. Government authorities are habitual to visit foreign in protocol and luxuries where even their cigarettes are paid by taxes of poor citizens. Before implementing, government should do some research where more than 16 persons shares a room of 7*7 and a common washroom in UAE. Labor in UAE is earning AED 20 per day (lunch and facilities included) and makes AED 600 per month. Government should check the medical history where almost 70% of gulf returns with Hepatitis A, B, C and other fatal diseases. Before, implementing such cruel taxes, government should realize; when was the last time embassies raised their voice for easiness of their foreign settled citizens?

Tax exemption Certificate

Though , job oriented personnel may continue to support their families in Pakistan but Tax exemption certificate was the only charm for average businessmen to invest in their home country. With implementation of 10% taxes PML-N has closed all the doors of average investors in Pakistan. It seems PML-N and crew has some strings attached with black money market (Hoondi). PML-N should also think how much they spent on their foreign trips of investments and what are the net returns of all efforts?

A million dollar question

Ishaq Daar in supports presents much bigger tax rates of European countries, compares them and shows his intentions to make both equaling. No doubt he should but a million dollar question is, what facilities do he offers in return? Can PML-N accommodate 6.5 million unemployed with unemployment funds? Can government promise job security, social security and medical facilities? Can government accommodate the inhuman behavior of Arabic nations with Pakistani citizens? 16 persons sharing a single room to cut their expenses, can our embassies rise their voice for citizens’ rights before local governments? Can government of Pakistan is daring enough to fix minimum wage rate of its foreign settled citizens? The answer for all above question is a simple big “NO”. Now it’s the foreign settled Pakistani citizens to speak for their rightful rights.

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